End Of Year Checklist For Dentists

The end of the year can be stressful for dental practices, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a list of 5 things you can do now to set yourself and your practice up for success during the holidays and beyond.

Send reminder emails or texts to patients who have not yet booked re-care appointments but still have insurance benefits to use before the end of the year. Your patients and production rate will appreciate the reminder.

Contact Patients Have Unused Insurance Benefits

Competition is fierce in the dental industry and employees and patients have options. Showing appreciation in the form of bonuses / perks / gifts / promotional discounts can really go a long way to retain patients and staff.

Show Gratitude to Your Team & Patients

Formally discuss the holiday schedule with your team to ensure you have proper coverage for the seasonal rush. Then communicate your holiday hours to your patients via text or email.

Plan and Communicate Your Schedule

If your office utilizes practice analytics software, this is a great time to review the past year’s performance and use data to make decisions about how you’re practice is going to improve next year.

Set Goals for Next Year

Automation tools are your ticket to a well deserved break during the holidays. Rather than spending hours printing end of year reports, or manually entering data, utilize automation software and enjoy more time with your family.

Automate So You Can Actually Relax

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